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Keto Carnivore Bacon Egg Sandwiches


Ketogenic diets have been gaining in popularity in the last few years as many people are regaining their health and energy while loosing weight in a healthy manner. This diet has taught many people that you don’t just need enough exercise to lose weight, you need to be eating the right foods too. Carbohydrates especially combined with animal fats can be really hard on the gut and the body in general.

Still many people find themselves feeling restricted on the diet, myself included. I’m always looking for ways to consume my meat and fat without feeling like I’m eating the same thing over and over. One of the foods many people really miss on the diet is sandwiches, and I have a recipe to solve that concern, complete with how to make it fully carnivore instead of just keto.

It’s simple really, replacing buns with eggs and building a sandwich with meat and mayo. The keto version includes a small amount of Roma tomato, which can of course be omitted if you have sensitivity to tomatoes or even if you’re just going to try full carnivore for awhile.


Hard boiled eggs

Carnivore Mayo (Recipe Here)


Tomato slices (or not)


It’s simple once you have the base ingredients. Just peel and cut the eggs in half. Put on a little mayo and salt and add the bacon. If you want you can also add ham or other cold cuts, just make sure there’s no soy or corn or wheat on the label. Use toothpicks to hold them together and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy lunch.

These are better made ahead because there’s no bun to get soggy and perfect for lunch, especially school lunches for kids on the keto way of eating as well.

Here’s the original recipe!

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