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Life Changing Yule Smudge Stick Tutorial


yule smudge stick

My Very First Yule Smudge Stick

Actually to be clear, this is the only herbal yule smudge stick I’ve ever even used. I bought some from an agorist friend but they composted in the package before my friend managed to smuggle them over the border.

The Birth of the Yule Smudge Stick Tutorial

This smudge stick was born from Pinterest, I just saw a beautiful pine, cinnamon and orange smudge stick for yule. The ones I saw were for sale, like 15 dollars each so of course I decided to make my own.

The majority of the ingredients with this were locally harvested or grown by myself. Not sure on the orange and cinnamon itself but those are for sure harvested within the country. Mexico doesn’t import stuff they can grow here, too high of tarriffs on them.

Gathering Materials for the Yule Smudge Stick Adventure

The rosemary and lavender I grew in my garden. I used some juniper twigs with berries attached and some ponderosa pine needles. I got these when I harvested the materials for that wreathe I shared recently.

This is simple for anyone to do. I did it on the 21st to let it dry until the new year which was the perfect amount of time. Then I used it to “cleanse” the property I was living on. I loved the whole process from harvesting the materials, bringing them together and binding them. The smell of all these pungent fresh herbs and spices is INTOXICATING.

I found myself smelling the stick basically every time I walked by it. It smelled like Christmas, only fresher with the lavender and rosemary. The perfect end to the dumpster fire that was 2020.

Don’t want to make your own? Check out this smudge kit from Amazon!

Materials for the Yule Smudge Stick

Fresh Lavender, a couple of sprigs
Fresh rosemary, a few sprigs.
1 stick Mexican cinnamon
Ponderosa Pine Needles
Juniper twigs with juniper berries
Dried orange slices (can be done in the oven or sun depending on your climate. I used sun)
Cotton thread, I used green.

Instructions for the Yule Smudge Stick Tutorial

First gather the materials. You want to forage or pull from an organic garden only. You’re going to burn this and fill your house with the smoke so you want to make sure everything is right. Don’t use nylon based threads, cotton or bamboo is best.

I looked up a tutorial and against my better judgement I wrapped all these up together while they were freshly cut. Just bundled them in a nice way with the orange slices laid on top and started from one end with the string.

I tied a knot around the smudge stick then wrapped it around and around until I reached the other side. I followed the tutorial advice of making it snug but not tight. Then I just tied off, trimmed off the fuzzy bits that were sticking out of the side.

Finishing the Yule Smudge Stick

Let it dry for about a week at least before you light just one end of this. Carry it with the other end to smudge. Most suggest you open windows and doors before doing so. We did so reading an ancient Celtic tradition where before midnight people used to open the door to let out the old year and let in the new year. It just worked out together, realistically.

I’ll be doing this tradition every year and it’s also got me wanting to experiment with things like natural Eucalyptus which grows nearby.


Here’s the inspiration I used for this tutorial!

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Sarah Jhonson
3 years ago

wow! it looks great.

Thank you

2 years ago


1 year ago

it’s wonderful thank you

Al Az
Al Az
11 months ago

Sounds great. I live in Southern AZ for decades and still have never made my own. When you say to put water in and use a trivet to fill up with the tamales. The water isn’t touching the tamales, correct? I apologize if it’s a super ridiculous question. Thanks and blessings!