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How to Fix (or Re-Use) Your Cracked Garden Hose!


leaky hose2Got a cracked or leaky garden hose laying around your yard? Maybe your dog chewed it up, or it got too much sun.

Maybe you bought a really nice new hose and then ruined it with the lawnmower…

BUT WAIT–don’t throw it away!

We may live in a throw-away culture, but thankfully, hose repair kits do exist.

hose reapir kitYou can probably get one locally at a home improvement store, or on Amazon, and they’re cheap and easy to use.

You just need a box-cutter or sharp knife, a screwdriver, a sharpie, and a hose repair kit (or two).

First, get your sharpie, and mark the area(s) of your hose that leak. Hook it up and let it run for a bit if you’re not sure.

Then, make straight, even cuts to remove the damaged area of your hose. Yes, it’ll be a little shorter, but that’s okay.

leaky hoseNext, get out the hose repair kit and insert one end into each cut section of hose. Make sure the clamps are positioned on each end, and then fit them together as tightly as possible.

Finally, screw the clamps down as firmly as possible on each side–and voila! Your hose should work again without any leaks.

Just be careful when dragging it around the yard. The repair fittings may get caught on something and get yanked loose–but if that happens, find your screwdriver and re-screw the clamps back on.

9177Iv923EL._SL1500_Get a hose repair kit here on Amazon!

Think your hose is too badly damaged to repair it, even with a kit?

Check out this list of 33 extremely clever uses for a worn-out old garden hose.

Personally, I recommend buying the most durable, high-quality garden hose you can find. Even if you run it over with the lawn mower again, you can still repair it!

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