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Don’t Cover Your Beauty – Stop Wearing Make Up


How To Have Glowing Natural Skin Without Make Up

  1. Eat a plant based diet (cut the diary!)
  2. Get lots of sunshine
  3. Exercise and detox that skin!
  4. Don’t clog your pores with make up
  5. Use only natural products (like coconut oil)
  6. SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Take supplements that give a glow factor

Stop Wearing Make Up

That me, Catherine. Make up free for almost 3 years!

The last time I wore makeup was at my wedding in 2013, and it basically happened under duress. One of my bride’s maids insisted I wear makeup and so I let her put on some blush and mascara but NO foundation.

I had already decided to reduce the amount of chemicals I was putting into and onto my body, and I was deeply concerned that even one night of make up would trigger my acne to return.

Honestly, I used to cake on the makeup. Especially foundations and powders. I had severe acne and I would constantly scrub and pick at my face. Then I would load my face with foundation and literally cake on powder to try and cover my swollen, red, and sometimes oozing pimples (yuck!).  “War paint” as my old roommate Paul used to call it.

Get to the Root

Once I began to see a doctor who practiced natural medicine, I came to understand that my acne was caused by my consumption of cow dairy. Once I cut the cheese, my face began to clear up. That was a really big step for me. My midwife called me a carbo-fat-atarian when she met me because all I ate was various forms of grain and cheese. It took me about a year to cut all cow dairy from my diet.

Remove the Mask

Once my major breakouts began to subside I felt comfortable letting my skin breathe. I began wearing makeup less and less. At first I would skip the make up on trips to the store, then it was reserved for special events.

As I wore less makeup I found myself doing activities that would have traditionally been makeup-disasters. I worked out, went on long walks in the Texas morning sun. I spent time digging through the garden, and over all began to spend more time I began to spend more time in the sunshine as I began to garden more, and that helped tremendously. We need vitamin D!

Listen to Your Body

At this point in my life I rarely have breakouts and when I do I can pinpoint the cause. Maybe I snuck some cheese at a social event. Maybe I am incredibly stressed. It has become a sign of something off balance, and is no longer the status quo. Its a reminder, in the mirror, to take better care of myself. And so I do 😀

I found this awesome video online about a woman with a similar experience. Check it out and let me know your thoughts on makeup!

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7 years ago

I’m 59 and have never worn “face makeup” unless I had a breakout, and it was temporary. People tell me all the time how young I look and how great my skin is. I use nothing but coconut oil on it!

7 years ago

AND I eat only vegetables except for occasional fish.


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