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Minimalist Family of Five Lives in a 600 Square Foot Home


This minimalist family of five lives in a one bedroom apartment. The parents, Heather and Dominique, say that the change in living quarters has resulted in more joy for the entire family.

Their 1 bedroom 600 square foot apartment in Ontario, Canada fulfills all of their needs. Sleeping quarters, clothing storage, play toys, and meal prep can all be done in a minimalist environment. This setup works well in a condominium as well. There are many options in Canada for condo units, like the ones listed in condo Wizard.

One of the greatest advantages of living in a small space is the reduced amount of cleaning!  Parents know how fast a mess can be created, but in 600 square feet the cleanup is rather fast.


The family meant for the small space to be temporary, but they decided to make the lifestyle a long term one. This decision allows them to pay for their son’s Autism therapy.

Not only do they save in rent bills each month, but the family saves in gas money because the father is able to ride his bike to work.

The cost of the Autism therapy program is over $5,000 CAD, per month. The family fundraises for part of the expenses every month: https://www.gofundme.com/therapyforjacob

They decided that their true needs are to get therapy for their son, not to accumulate more things. The minimalist lifestyle is working for them.

The family reports that the change has resulted in more time spent outside, less time commuting, and an overall reduced stress level.


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