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What is Reiki and How Does it Work?


spiral reikiIf you’ve explored any sort of alternative wellness approaches, you may have heard of something called Reiki treatment or healing.

The treatment is an ancient healing art from Japan, and it uses energy & vibration to aid the physical body, mind, and emotions.

It may sound completely woo-woo, but studies are beginning to show that Reiki treatments can help with many issues, mental and physical.

Reiki is turning up in hospitals across the globe, and in hospices which offer palliative care. We even used to have a local Reiki program for soldiers who were experiencing PTSD. Many of them who started out as hardcore skeptics kept returning for more.

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So what IS Reiki?

In short, it is a conscious directing of the vibration we are all already emitting. Science is still wrapping its collective mind around metaphysics, but the idea that we can influence our world with thought and intention is real, and it works.

Reiki treatments work by affecting the subtle energy meridians of the body, and it’s similar to both acupuncture and homeopathy in the way it works. You can’t “see” Reiki energy, but some people can feel it. Practitioners usually feel their hands heat up as they’re giving someone a treatment.

handsTreatments are usually done by moving the hands slowly over the body, lingering on key points (without physical touch), or via distance healing.

This sounds like witchcraft–is it?

Nope! Healing via “laying on of hands” has been around since pre-Biblical times, and there’s a growing movement of Christians who practice Reiki.

Reiki might sound weird, but it’s actually way more scientific than spiritual. Reiki is based on the concept that all matter is actually vibrating patterns of energy, and so we can manipulate it via quantum physics. The idea that all matter is actually vibrating energy is nothing new.

tesla1Geniuses like Einstein, Edison, and Tesla all stated that the thing that creates and differentiates all matter is its unique frequency or vibration.

They also knew that the human brain is the most powerful transmitter & receiver of frequency known to mankind. Each molecule and atom vibrates at a different frequency, or rate, and the overlapping of all these frequencies is what makes carbon different from iron, or a rock a rock. Something like a stone emits a very stable, predictable frequency.

However, people’s brains are capable of emitting and receiving an infinite number of frequencies, which are constantly changing with every thought, belief, and emotion.

Sometimes we can get “stuck” in unhelpful frequencies that negatively affect the way we feel, and sometimes, those feelings can even influence our physical body. Just ask anyone with a job they hate, an abusive family member, or even low-key financial trouble. You can get a migraine from stress…or worse.

viiibesJoy is a frequency, and so is love–or illness, or disease. Apparently our computers and phones, and even our furniture is continuously emitting frequencies! We usually can’t help but absorb the soup of frequencies found around us, for better or worse. This is one reason why time in nature is very important.

In the late 1800’s, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was fascinated with healing the body via the concept of “like cures like”–which is the central tenet of homeopathy. Later, in the 1930’s, Dr. Edward Bach expanded Hahnemann’s research to include the emotions, and created a system of vibrational healing called the Bach Flower Remedies, which is still widely used today.

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Homeopathic remedies are chemically all the same–which is why their harsh critics claim they don’t work! Vibrationally, however, each remedy acts on the body differently. Things like this practice and homeopathy are not readily discernible from physical evidence–except to note that healing and relief often occurs!

Vibration is like radio waves, will readily harmonize with a receptive individual regardless of time or distance. This is why it’s also possible to receive a Reiki treatment without being physically present.

A Reiki treatment is basically using our minds to harness and redirect the frequencies that we are all already emitting and receiving.

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Reiki healings can help your body to naturally attain a more balanced state, both mentally and physically. You may also experience more clarity, vitality, and peace of mind after a Reiki treatment. Reiki treatments have often proved beneficial in cases where conventional biological wisdom of the body has fallen short.

Reiki is one of those things that science is only just starting to offer explanations for–but it certainly can’t do any harm to try it!

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