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Escape to Nature with this Floating Tree House Get Away


Adult Tree House

Remember the joy of climbing up and playing in your very own tree house?  Well, take that feeling and add a mix of comfort, class, and creativity, and you get arborculturist Bruo de Grunne and Belgianarchitect Nicolas d’Ursel’s latest creation, Dom’Up.

This 172 square foot arbor-home fastens to a cluster of trees and provides inhabitants all the comforts of a run of the mill cabin but instead of being on the ground, dwellers float in the sky.

tree house

The Dom’Up costs around $28,000 and can be built in less than two days.  The structure needs a ladder to reach the dwelling which comes equipped with a steel galvanized structure and wooden floors.

tree house

To see more images of these tree house palaces, follow this link:http://www.gizmag.com/domup-camping-tress/35986/pictures

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7 years ago

How much does it cost and do I have to find the land