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How to Create an Outdoor Zen Garden


Zen gardens are increasing in popularity as more and more people are seeing their copious benefits; both aesthetically and emotionally. Zen gardens are exactly what they sound like, gardens that create feelings of relaxation and calmness. Typically, zen gardens are found in spas, resorts, and other positive and relaxing environments; however, homeowners are beginning to incorporate zen gardens into their outdoor landscapes. If you are interested in creating your own zen garden, here are 3 ways to start it.

3 Ways to Start a Zen Garden Today

Creating your own zen garden will allow you to feel at ease anytime you are in your very own yard. An expert from a company that sells solar panels in Cherry Hill added that these kinds of gardens can be created on both small and large landscapes. With that being said, below are 3 ways to create your zen garden today.

1. Think About Aesthetics
This is perhaps one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to designing your zen garden. Be sure to keep the aesthetics of your new garden at the forefront of your mind. The way that feelings of relaxation and calmness will happen is mainly by the way that space looks. Some ways to make your zen garden work via aesthetics include:
● Choose colorful, yet cool colored decorations; such as light blues, lavenders, and pale
● Make sure the space is kept so that it never looks overcrowded or overgrown
● Keep it simple
● Add water; perhaps a coy pond or a waterfall; or if your garden is small, even a birdbath
will do the trick
● Add bamboo

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2. Plan Your Plants
Building off of the topic of aesthetics, make sure to plan the plants that you are going to add to your zen garden. Choose plants that you personally enjoy, as well as plants that will bring life to your garden. Try to choose lush green vegetation for your garden, such as plants with vines and long stems. Likewise, choose plants that produce gorgeous and vibrant flowers to further add to the feelings of peace.

Another great thing to add to your zen garden is green moss. Moss is one of the most important and prevalent plants in Japanese gardens; and since zen gardens came from Japan, moss will really make your garden as realistic as possible. Moss grows in most places and is especially great because it grows in places that other vegetation may not, including places where there is poor soil quality.

3. Choose a Quality Layout
Finally, choose a quality layout. This means choosing a space around your landscape that lends itself nicely to a zen garden; such as a side yard or a corner of your backyard. After you have picked a location, pay special attention to how you are going to lay out the garden, it’s important to lay it out in traditional zen garden fashion.

To add to the layout, add paths made of sand and/or stone. Sand and stone will allow you to make geometric shapes in your zen garden to help you spread out your decor and vegetation. Or, if you are working with a particularly small space, and don’t have much wiggle room to play around with the layout, simply make sure that it [your garden] is well maintained.

Create The Zen Garden of Your Dreams
Be proactive and start your zen garden today. Whether you are looking to create a zen garden for visual purposes, or because you want a place that you can go to decompress, a zen garden will be worth your while. Take the time to create the zen garden of your dreams.

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