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Keto Carnivore Bacon Balls Recipe


When considering the carnivore or even the keto diet a lot of people get stuck over lack of variety.

Getting rid of the majority of veggies, fruits and all grains can be hard on people who don’t think creatively with food. Bacon balls are a simple way to add variety to your keto or carnivore diet.

Bacon Balls

When I started the carnivore diet I was resistant because eating meat-only sounded boring as hell, especially to a chef. The recipe I will share today shattered that and can be adapted for only carnivore, keto or just to try in general. Some people make this and coat them in barbecue sauce, something clearly against the carnivore diet but totally fair game for most people.

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Carnivore balls are the perfect semi-portable tasty fat snack, kind of like a burger in ball form without the bun.


Ground Beef

Chopped Flank Steak (Arrachera)

Beef tallow (Rendered Beef Fat)



Optional Ingredients:

Onion, finely chopped to taste

Cheese, cubed to add to the center

Mix the ground meat, beef fat and salt in a bowl. Add onions here if you intend to.

Form into meatballs and wrap in bacon, I cut slices in half to cover the whole ball. If you’re adding cheese, wrap the meat around a small cube until its totally covered.

Fry in a cast iron pan on all sides until golden. Season with finishing salt and enjoy.

These have been a staple in my carnivore kitchen, give them a try and let us know in the comments what you think!

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