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The 2nd Amendment is a Lie…


Now of course, the 2nd Amendment itself is probably the truest and most audaciously American thing ever written; and I love it. But if you hear any court or federal official talking about how you have a 2nd Amendment right, rest assured you are being told a big fat lie by someone who is out to conquer you by clever deceit.

“If you can lose it, it’s not a right.” What the Feds tell you about the 2nd Amendment is like saying “this belongs to you forever until I take it away” or “you can count on me until I flake out” or “you won’t get hurt unless you get injured.” But look past their lies and they will lose their power.

The end of the 2nd Amendment?

What if the following happened? One morning by surprise, the Feds raid the homes of all gun owners in America. They ransack each house, confiscate all the guns, traumatize the women and children, then send the men off to secret prisons for brutal “programming” that is designed to crush their free and proud American Spirit. Then the Feds put out a big propaganda cover story through their centrally controlled Mainstream Media about how the gun owners only had guns because they didn’t trust the government, and this is dangerous, so that’s why they had to get sent to prison camps. But even the propaganda cover story is just a bunch of hype the Feds whipped up for themselves to listen to, and help their own storm troopers feel good about committing acts of un-American treason.

What would you think if the scenario I just described went down in America? Well, that is exactly, exactly, exactly, what happened to me. So what is the difference if they do it to us one at a time, or all at once, or by little groups at a time? Nothing! The scale does not alter the nature of the essential act.

The saying goes “God created all men; Sam Colt made them equal.” There’s a lot of truth to that. Anyone who wants to disarm his fellow man is scared of equality. The dis-armer wants to give himself an advantage so he can have dominion over his neighbor. This is evil. Tyrants don’t have enough self respect to be able to interact with equals, only subjects.

As I watch more and more people get murdered by the cops they encounter in day to day life, I have tried to identify what all these killings have in common. And I have come to realizes that simply speaking to a cop respectfully as an equal is a mortal sin that can get you shot on the spot, no questions asked. And the Courts defend these field executions every time. When approached by a badge carrying priest of the God of state, you better lower you gaze and get down on a bent knee. If you don’t, you will be struck dead. It’s sort of like a human sacrifice to an angry God.

What we believe eventually works its way out into practical realities we must live with. These killings are what happens when we set the state up as our God.

Most people don’t think their philosophies all the way through to their logical end. But when you let your ideas run their course to their rotten fruit, then people can’t help but see the results. America is being forced to look at the results of our idolatrous deification of government. And it’s super ugly. This is a good chance for those of us who haven’t lost sight of our core values to step in and offer the ideological solution that will heal our minds, or families, and our lives.

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God made man, and gave him rights. Man created government to protect those rights. No government in the history of man has actually protected the rights of man. Maybe government is a failed experiment where man tried to make his own God that he could own and control. Maybe we should burn our wooden idols, so to speak, and just go back to God and patriarch families that handle everything, from welfare, to defense, to business loans. It would sure beat the modern nation-state that promises a fantasy of peace and prosperity, but delivers the reality of carnage and poverty. Free your mind, and the rest will follow! It’s not that hard. And it’s a happy thing. I love you all.

The bastards haven’t broken me : )

–Schaeffer Cox

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charles donelly
7 years ago

you’re a gun freaking idiot

Mike Dd
Mike Dd
6 years ago

What is a gun? A gun is a singularly self contained instrument of power. As in every case power can be misused. When a government (or group) seeks to consolidate power unto itself (themselves) the misuse of that power is sure to occur (“Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” [—John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton (10 January 1834 – 19 June 1902) historian, politician, and writer]. It is still far better to diffuse that power among the people than to give it to a single authority. The greater good is not to surrender our power and freedoms… Read more »

William H Wilson
William H Wilson
6 years ago
Reply to  Mike Dd

Mike Dd I would like your permission to post your comment on my Facebook wall. It is one of the best explanations of gun control and why we should not allow the government to disarm the general population.