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Food Dogmatism Has No Place in Health – Vegans and Carnivores CAN Honor Each Other


Have you ever seen a vegan shaming meat eaters online? Or have you seen a hunter/fisherman making fun of vegans? I have and honestly, its hard for me to watch happen in either direction. Its simply not good for our health to be stressed about how others are eating (cortisol, anyone?).

And the truth of the matter is, we all need different nutritional plans at different times in our lives and its simply none of our business how others are eating (now, I do have HUGE issues with factory farming and believe that IS our business, but its not the point I am getting at here, this is a conversation about eating meat or not)

Check out this catfish caught by Paolo and my kids!

My transition from Vegetarian to Eating Fish

After 14 years as a vegetarian my body began craving fish. This past year I have had fish several times a month and I am SO GRATEFUL for the nourishment it is providing me. I became a vegetarian in college after giving a speech about something I disagreed with – vegetarianism. I learned so much about factory farming, and had zero access at the time to ethically raised meat, so I decided to stop eating animal products all together.

After 8 months of eating only processed foods, and lots of preservatives, and lots of unhealthy vegan foods, I realized that I needed to add eggs and dairy back to my diet because I was becoming UNWELL. I later (8 years later) discovered I have a casein allergy and cut most dairy out of my diet (yogurt and sour cream and cream cheese didn’t make me break out), but I continued eating goat cheese and eggs throughout my entire vegetarian experience.

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I did try to eat chicken when we were raising them on our small farm, but my body no longer produces the enzymes to digest meat and I threw up all night with an awful migraine. So I would prepare the meat for my exhusband and children, and make bone broth with the remains. My body could handle bone broth and I would make amazing soups with this broth that I would eat occasionally.

Last year I began to crave fish. So I started with sushi and then seafood soups in Mexico, and now I have been eating whole fish like salmon fillets. My body is crying out THANK YOU when eat fish, and I am honoring that experience and desire within.

Teach a Man to Fish….

Even when I wasn’t eating any meat, I still taught my children to fish, and I still helped process the chickens we rose on our small farm (and yes, I consumed bone broth, made with love, from the chickens we rose at home).

I think knowing the skills of survival are super important. I also think honoring our bodies where they are and their changing needs over time is super important. Food dogmatism is a little pet peeve of mine… I unfollow vegans who spread hate or keto dieters who insist their way is the only way. I honor your eating choices, even if they don’t match mine. 

All of our body chemistries are unique and different – there are sacred and reverent ways to consume all types of food, let us focus on these practices. Any time we move away from factory farming of meat or vegetables or fruit or grains we are honoring and the abundant blessings she provides us all. 

On “Animal Rights”….

I believe animals have a right to live a full and happy life. This means animals have a right to not be pumped full of hormones and antibiotics because they are help captive in disgusting conditions leaving them miserable and unwell in exchange for the mass production of meat or dairy.

And yet, none of us have a right to not be eaten by animals higher in the food chain. My opinion as a vegetarian, and now as a consumer of fish is that we have a right to eat, survive and thrive as participants in the greater food chain and cycles of life that exist on this planet…

This is why I “allowed” my children to eat meat as a vegetarian mother, although I waited to feed it to them until they understood what they were eating and could witness or participate in the slaughter of our home raised birds. 

Improving My Health

With every dietary change I have made my health has changed. When I first removed meat and dairy from my diet my health actually began to decline!  I found that what really matters when it comes to my health is the QUALITY of the food I am eating, be it vegetables or grains or dairy or meat. When you eat shit food you have shit health.

I found that while pregnant and breastfeeding my body needed a HIGH FAT DIET – so I ate a lot of avocados and coconut oil and nut butters. Then I got bit by a brown recluse and my body needed vegetables and fruits only so I could detox the venom. I had to juice and soup every day. Now I am in a time period of rebalancing, I am craving fish and seem to have a fungal issue on my arms/skin and I think I have over done the sugar and carbs! Our health improves when we eat in alignment with our current needs and when we eat HIGH QUALITY FOODS.

Its important to eat organic foods no matter what type of food you eat. If your meat is full of hormones and antibiotics, you will suffer. If your fruits are green harvested and sprayed with chemicals, you will suffer. QUALITY matters the most.

Thank You

Thanks for hearing my thoughts on this matter, I truly appreciate it. I know they don’t fit in with the views of basically anyone. The last time I posted a photo of myself fishing at our family lake house I was attacked online by angry viscous vegans and my eyes were opened to how prevalent anger and hatred are in this world. Peace to you and yours. I am so sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and thank you. Ho’ohponopono.

I try to make sure the Homestead Guru presents many different options for many different people. This is why we offer content on veganism, carnivore diets, and everything in between. Check out some of our diverse dietary content here:

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Nicola Jesso
Nicola Jesso
5 years ago

Great article. It nice to hear your story. Not a popular opinion can be a tough one to publish! Way to go! You nailed it.

are help captive


[…] More by Catherine of the Homestead Guru:Food Dogmatism Has No Place in Health – Vegans and Carnivores CAN Honor Each Other […]

5 years ago

Well said. I wouldn’t say that they don’t fit the views of “anyone”, and you may find that more people come around to this sensible way of thinking and approaching food.


5 years ago

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and know that I support every opinion with total agreement and I am not the only one. I educate my clients and more and more people are realizing after trying so many diets that there is something missing. Everyone is UNIQUE and there is no “one size fits all” diet (or pills for that matter). Because some people do better on vegan others on paleo and others by a mix of both, I follow and adapt the blood type diet/genotype diet for my clients and myself and have had great success on all levels,… Read more »

Laura Redhawk
Laura Redhawk
4 years ago

I became a lata-ova Vegetarian in 8th grade. My mom had been teaching me to cook since I was about two, standing on a chair with her arms around me at the stove. Before I could become a vegetarian, I had to write her a paper and explain no only WHY I wanted to stop eating meat, but HOW exactly I was going to supply my body with proteins. I had a lot of support from my home-eco teacher, who was a vegetarian and who had taken us on a field trip to t Vegetarian restaurant with wonderful tasting foods.… Read more »

4 years ago

Thank you! This resonates so much with me right now!!