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Meet CannaCloud: The Keurig for your Weed!


CannaKorp_Lifestyle_Hero_051816As the cannabis industry grows, so do the contraptions making cannabis interesting and unique to consume. The CannaCloud has a fast growing interest for consumers as this vaporizer system is being called the Keurig of cannabis. And ironically the CEO of CannaKorp, the company responsible for creating CannaCloud, is actually the retired Vice-President of the Keurig Company.  It’s popularity is growing due to its single serve Cannacup which makes it easier to load and will vaporize in a minutes time without the hassle of having to break up marijuana bud or roll a joint. CannaKorp says you will be able to choose from various types of “sativa, indica, hybrid, and CBD-only” CannaCups options and is raving about their ability to preserve “flavor, aroma, and freshness” in the pods.

CannaCloudAs an environmental activist however, I have concerns with the underlying waste of these single serve CannaCups. These single use pods are not being disclosed as a plastic cup, but if the goal is to be the keurig of marijuana, I am betting these CannaCups will be contributing to the plastic epidemic. Plastic waste goes far beyond public health concerns, although that is an issue, as over 300 million metric tons of plastics are produced in the world annually.

No one knows exactly how long plastic takes to break down, but it is believed to take hundreds or even thousands of years for plastic to fully decompose. It is not just the accumulation of plastics that harms the environment, but also the toxins from the plastic, such as BPA that leaches into our soil and water. Another downfall of plastic is the effect of buildup in the oceans, where it is estimated that 100 million marine mammals are killed each year from the plastic pollution. Regardless of whether these pods are plastic or another material waste, waste contribution seems like an inevitability with the CannaCloud. As heavy users give the CannaCloud a whirl, their waste alone could be extraordinary. In this fast growing progressive society, self-sustainability is becoming a concern for many and I would like to see a reusable solution to these pre-packaged doses.

plastic-cups-973103_640As medical marijuana evolves, the methods used to consume are becoming more focused on health. While there are many modes of ingesting marijuana, people who choose to smoke it are at risk for some pretty chilling side effects and not necessarily from the cannabis itself, but actually from the inhalation of butane gas coming from the lighter used to torch their green buds. (Editor’s note, you can light a strand of hemp wick to light your marijuana instead of using a butane lighter!)

Knowing that, more people are opting to consume cannabis in healthier ways such as vaporizing, juicing, edibles, suppositories and more! However you choose to use it, there is lots of information out there on how to treat an array of health issues and something suited for every type of person. As someone who experiences a spike of anxiety from getting high, I choose to opt for CBD products, juicing, and suppositories because these methods of intake do not get me high and are purely beneficial to my health. I am also a big fan of salves and marijuana products geared to help with the coping of menstrual pain.

cannabis-2152604_640The cost of the CannaCloud device retails at $149, however each single-use pod costs $9.99 and contains only 0.4 grams of marijuana, which is about the same amount you’d find a pre-rolled joint. And it is likely the cost will add up to making it much less appealing for frequent users. Regardless, the CannaCloud is not on the market yet, but is hoping to be hitting your local stores (where legal) soon!

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