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7 How-To-Eat-Food Hacks You Need in Your Life


Sometimes, you have to stop and wonder if you’ve been eating food wrong all your life. Check out these useful food hacks and see if any of them improve your eating experience…

I just want nice bread slices. Did you ever bake a perfectly lovely loaf of bread, and then when you went to cut a few slices, it turned into a gooey, crumbly mess?

Just flip that bread loaf over and make the slices from the bottom. You’ll end up with pretty, even slices on the top every time.

Open your oranges properly. I bet you didn’t even know that you can basically make a citrus fruit peel itself.

No, really–just cut off the ends, then slice lengthwise into what’s left, and unroll it section by section.

How to not squish your banana. The trouble with bananas is that sometimes, the stem won’t snap off easily, and you end up mushing half your banana while it’s still in the peel. However, if you watch primates peeling their bananas, you may be surprised to see that they always open the bottom-end first!

The stem can be a handle, and the top end always opens easily. Trust the monkeys on this one.

The spaghetti claw. I admit, I don’t know what this tool is actually called–but I do know that the hole in it is actually for measuring spaghetti noodles.

Get your own claw here on Amazon!

Grab a handful and however much fits in the spaghetti claw hole gives you a perfect portion for two.

You forgot the spoon for your applesauce–again. Relax, I won’t judge you (much) for not using a reusable container and eating commercial applesauce. If whatever you’re eating has a peel-off metal lid–you can get creative and shape it into a spoon for your food.

Just start twisting on one side, and voila! A DIY spoon.

Frozen solid ice cream. If you’re bending spoon handles trying to scoop out your ice cream, try storing the entire gallon in a sealed plastic freezer bag.

The small difference in temperature is just enough to keep your ice cream scoopable and soft.

Drill holes in your trash can. This hack is more kitchen than food….but still.

Instead of fighting with the bag to get it into and out of a plastic trash can, just drill some venting holes toward the bottom, and suction won’t be an issue anymore.

A bonus hack for pomegranates!

Here’s how to open them properly, with no juice mess: (You’re welcome.)

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