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Quit Breaking Your Eggs! Use an Egg Collection Apron.


Introducing the egg collection apron!

egg apronDo you send your kids out to gather eggs, and too often, you end up with upset kids and smashed eggs?

Maybe you’re always dropping eggs because you’re trying to tuck them in your pockets or t-shirt!

Maybe you keep forgetting to bring the egg basket out when you go out to feed or water the girls or clean their coop.

Try the egg apron instead! I spotted this one at the Mother Earth News Fair this past weekend, but you can easily buy one online, or make one instead.

chicken egg apr

You can pick any pattern you like, and your eggs will be safe and protected–so long as you don’t lean against something hard!

chicken egg apron

(Even if you do, it’s okay–the egg apron is machine-washable.)

Do you think the egg apron will make collecting the bounty from your flock of chickens any easier?

chicken collection apron

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