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First Sapioponic Earthship – Freedom Homestead Workshop


Adam Kokesh and his fiancé Macey Tomlin, have just had their offer on 11 acres in Ashfork Arizona accepted. They plan on building the first ever Sapioponic Earthship. This is a massive project, and could take up to 9 months. They are asking for donations for supplies, including: cement, rebar, tires, bottles, and cans. As well as many 76″x34″ and 76″x46″ standard double pane PDRs as they can get. They are also open to volunteers, and will be working out a deal with individuals who are willing to worktrade while staying on property. If you are interesting in learning more, check out the website or email Adam at adam@thefreedomline.com.

The Freedom Homestead Academy in Ashfork, Arizona will offer the ability to experiment with alternative building techniques, develop and distribute new open-source technologies for homesteading, and produce videos and other educational materials on all subjects relating to free living. They hope to host a one week Freedom Homestead Workshop in July of 2016. Get your muscles ready for some tire pounding!

This will also be a good opportunity for any fulltiming families, homeschoolers, or unschoolers with older kids who really want to learn by getting a hands on experience. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Adam Kokesh went to the Earthship academy in Taos, NM., and now he is ready to build his own Sapioponic home.

Sapioponic house

Other classes that may be offered:
Aquaponics, Sapioponics, Gardening, Greenhouses, Chickens, Other food animals, Slaughter/butcher, Cooking, Composting, Self-defense, Community Safety, Survival, Home security, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, First aid, Making toiletries, Welding, Woodworking, Off-grid power, Furniture making, How to navigate the legal system, Bitcoin & alternative currencies, Personal finance, Non-Violent Communication, Buying land, Pottery, Making clothes, 3D printing, Candle-making, Knife-making, Knitting, Home birth, Raising free-range children, Unschooling, Handling/riding horses, Glassblowing, Marketing/barter, Auto maintenance/selection for homesteaders, Brewing beer, wine, etc. Construction: Earthship, underground, cordwood, ceramic, earthbag, geodesic, compressed earth, cob, stone, straw bale.


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Priscilla Sieckman
Priscilla Sieckman
8 years ago

Congrats.Adam and Macey. I am so proud of the both of you.Wishing the both of you the very best.

8 years ago

So what does sapioponic mean? I did an internet search and couldn’t find a definition. The article is of little value when words like that are thrown out with no explanation. The link in the article only says that they’ll explain if you come and help them build their house. All this “article” seems to be is an ad asking for people to volunteer their time, energy, and stuff to build someone else’s house.

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey
8 years ago

I grew up on a horse ranch in northern Arizona, driving up and down Route 66 as a teenager before they opened Interstate 40. We know a lot of people, friends and family, and businesses from Mohave to Yavapai, Coconino, Apache, Navajo and Gila and Graham Counties. We can help with advice, and we’ll see about hooking up with you guys when we get our property in Navajo or Apache County later this year. We can’t help with funding, but we know small-town Arizona, the climate, the economy and the plants, animals and water. Good Luck and hope to hook… Read more »


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