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Five Simple Tips to Lower Your Electricity Bill


Whether your reasons are environmental, financial, or both, nobody likes a high electricity bill. Well, accept maybe for the electric company!

Here are five simple tips you and your family can try to lower your electric usage and bills this month:

1. Lights Out!

When you leave a room, turn off the lights. Try to be mindful of this practice as you move about your home. In no time, it will become habit.

2. Turn Off Appliances and Electronics When Not in Use

Not using your home stereo? Turn it off. Desktop computer sitting idle? Turn it off. Finished with the coffee maker in the morning. Shut ‘er down. Plug in multiple appliances to one power strip so you can turn off everything at once.

3. Check for Leaks and Seal em Up

Check the windows and doors and door frames all over your home. Use your hands to feel around to see if you can feel a breeze or any airflow coming from cracks, corners, or connecting spaces on your windows and doors. If you find spaces where air can escape or enter your home, fill the cracks with caulk or some other sort of appropriate sealant. This will help to reduce your Central Air and Heating usage.

4. Block the Sun from Your Home By Using Drapes and Blinds

When you are not in a room or not desiring sunlight in the room, keep the shades drawn and the curtains closed. This will help keep the outside elements from effecting the temperature you are trying to maintain in your home.

5. Keep Your Freezer Full

Keep your freezer stocked to the brim. It takes far less energy to maintain the freezing temperatures in a full freezer than a mostly empty one.

There you have five simple tips to help reduce your energy usage and bill. It doesn’t take much to make big dent in your energy bill. Stay mindful of these tips as you go about your day and soon they will become second nature.


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