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Wanna be a Homesteader? Hit the Gym First


homestead hit the gymIf you’re an urban dweller who’s dreaming of the homestead life, start taking action on your dreams now…by hitting the gym.

This may come as a shock to those of you with multiple degrees and certifications, but in some cultures, learning endlessly is seen as an embarrassment, something to be ashamed of.

Why? Because knowledge without implementation is useless.

All the homesteading knowledge you’ve got won’t make a lick of difference unless you use it by taking action.

So, here’s four simple and practical things you can DO, instead of just learning about, that will help get you closer to being a homesteader.

1. Go to the gym. No, I’m serious – homesteading demands a level of physical movement that’s way beyond what many modern lifestyles let us slouch by with. On a homestead, you’ll be shoveling–often–to plant a tree, turn your compost, or dig out a garden bed. It’s surprisingly tiring, especially if you’ve been staring at a screen for most of your working life. So if you’re serious about homesteading, get stronger now by hitting the gym!

wanna be a homesteader hit the gym
So much shoveling…

2. Eat more fruits and veggies. Regardless of which diet you adhere to, science has shown repeatedly that human bodies thrive when they eat fruits and vegetables regularly. Buying salad boxes that you throw away a week later (once they’ve wilted) doesn’t count, unfortunately. You don’t have to overthink this, just grab an apple and eat it!

3. Put your money where your mind’s at. If you want to eat homegrown organic goodness at every meal but you’ve never been to your local farmer’s market and mainly buy conventional, there’s a disconnect in your priorities. Start buying organic apples (or whatever sounds the most yummy to you!), even if that’s currently the only organic thing you feel you can afford.

Make small changes in your current buying habits that reflect the homesteading lifestyle you ultimately want. Enjoying the superb flavor of those organic apples, even occasionally, will inspire you to make other small changes, too.

4. Start growing food in any way you can. Even if all you can do right now is grow a patio pot with a single head of lettuce, you’ll be learning so much about how to grow lettuce by doing it. You’ll be establishing a good habit of watering and tending to your garden. Not to mention, if you’re successful (quite likely), you get to eat the most delicious lettuce!

Start becoming the homesteader you want to be, right now–today. Small changes lead to forward motion, in both gardens and life!

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