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Grow Hemp, Save the Bees!


Grow Hemp for a Better Environment

As if we needed another reason to start promoting the growing of hemp, a new study shows that expanding hemp cultivation would be incredibly beneficial in helping to save the bee populations in the United States.

In the study, researchers at Colorado State University put bee traps in hemp fields during peak flowering season. These researchers collected 2000 bees from 23 different species. Some of them being specialized and rare but most being classic honeybees.

For those who don’t know, the growth pattern of any cannabis plant (psychoactive or not) is basically the same. Growing hemp starts with a vegetative growth phase. Then it goes into the flowering stage which is where the magic happens for the bees. Hemp flowers bloom right when bees need them most, from July to the end of September, which is when food supplies can be quite low.

If there’s one thing that hemp plants are good at, it’s producing pollen while flowering. Cannabis growers try to prevent this to produce seedless buds for smoking but for hemp growers, this isn’t a problem and is actually be beneficial for bees!

Bees Love Hemp

Sustainable Farming Benefits All

Farmers interested in sustainable systems can take advantage of this by planting hemp and keeping bees for honey to harvest and sell. This would yield two different but highly valuable crops while helping the environment. It’s also known that growing hemp can help the soil and environment in general. Farming is a collaboration with nature. Considering a plan that includes farming hemp is good for more than just the bees.

Want to learn more about how hemp has the ability to save the world? Check out this article from author Lily Da Vine: Hemp Will Save the World: Here’s Why

Are you considering all the benefits of growing hemp in your garden?

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