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This Innovative Device Harvests Drinking Water From the Air


In response to the lack of clean, drinkable water in some parts of the world, Italian-based Architecture and Vision has designed a water tower that harvests rainwater, dew, and fog. The company’s team claims it has the capability of collecting up to 26.4 gallons (100 liters) of water per day.

According to the designer’s website, the tower was designed for impoverished areas of the world – particularly for mountainous regions, where water would not otherwise be easily accessible.


The tower is 33-feet high, uses no electricity, and costs only $500-1,000 to construct. It requires six people for construction and assembly, with construction lasting five days, and a three hour assembly time.

WarkaWater design

Once publicly available the bamboo water tower, called WarkaWater, will also have potential for homesteaders living in similar regions.

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tom paine
tom paine
7 years ago