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How to Keep Your Lawn Tidy in Autumn


Autumn might seem like a season when you shouldn’t be doing much to maintain your lawn. However, there are actually several things you should do to ensure that your lawn stays neat and clean.

Your lawn should be in the top condition not only as the harsh winter season arrives but also when the spring season comes. So, let’s look at several tips to keep your lawn as tidy as possible.

Trim the Trees and Hedges

One quick way to keep your lawn looking good is by paying attention to the growth of your trees and hedges. If you see that the branches are already going beyond your property or at reaching awfully close to your house, you should cut them down.

Of course, trimming trees is most efficiently done with a chainsaw. Still, you must always be careful when using such a powerful tool and wear the necessary protective gear. As for the hedges, you should also check if they still look decent or they need to some trimming. You can use a hand pruner for small branches while a hedge trimmer will allow you to reach tight sections with relative ease.

Here’s a video showing how to use a hedge trimmer:

Irrigate Adequately

It might seem unnecessary, but you still have to water your lawn even during autumn. Sure, it’s not that hot anymore since summer is over, but your plants still have metabolic functions that require water. So, how exactly should you water your lawn? Well, your autumn lawn should be deeply watered.

By this, it means that the water should be deep enough in the soil that the established root systems can absorb it. Young plants have more shallow root systems, but you also need to provide for mature plants. However, ensure that you do not over water your lawn since this can damage your lawn in the long run.

Mow Your Lawn

Instead of mowing your lawn at a typical height, we recommend that you cut down the grass a bit lower than usual. We know that this can affect the roots in the soil, but doing this in autumn provides more than just a neat-looking lawn. With shorter grass, they will not be easily trampled by falling leaves. Similarly, the grass won’t be immediately crushed by snow once winter arrives. Get a great finishing using a string trimmer.

Clean Up Your Lawn

Aside from mowing the grass, you should also remove any debris. This includes fallen leaves, no matter how beautiful they seem. Yes, you can leave them there for a bit, but you must remove them afterward. If you don’t, the fallen leaves will undergo decomposition. Soon, a layer of thatch can become home to pesky insects while also taking away water from the soil.

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Aside from using a rake, we also suggest using a lawn sweeper to get rid of the leaves and other debris in no time. You just have to push it around your lawn as all of the leaves are collected and thrown in the hopper for easy disposal.

In addition, you have to remove any weeds during autumn. This is a season when the most aggressive weeds will begin to proliferate in your lawn. Whether you’re going to use a weed killer product or removing them by hand, you must do it properly. Check if there are any weeds that have survived or if there any weed seeds left that can grow.

Use a Fertilizer Created for Autumn Application

During autumn, you still need to apply some fertilizer to your lawn. The difference is that you should be using a fertilizer that’s specifically created for use in autumn. Instead of accelerating grass growth, an autumn lawn fertilizer will give enough nutrition to the root systems.

Moreover, this type of fertilizer has a high amount of potassium that improves the cell structure of your lawn grass. In turn, your grass will become more resistant not only to plant diseases but also to cold weather. As you might have expected, this will still have a good amount of nitrogen that is slowly released into the soil. This should keep your lawn grass healthy and strong enough to fend off moss and weeds in autumn.

In conclusion, there are several ways to improve and sustain a tidy lawn in autumn. You just have to be careful whenever you use lawn care tools. Likewise, adequate irrigation and fertilizer application will keep your lawn healthy throughout the season.

We hope that this guide helped you learn about the importance of lawn care in autumn. If you have any questions, do give us a comment.

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