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Lifelong Friends Build their Own Tiny-Home Community


Real, authentic adult friendships are so precious, and sadly, pretty uncommon these days too. Modern society is set up for mobility that has to do with jobs and earning potential, not friendships.

However, four couples in Austin, Texas decided to cast aside those so-called values and prioritize community with each other!

They’ve all been BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) for over 20 years, and decided that just living in the same town wasn’t really cutting it.

(I mean, with work, kids, and life in general, how often do YOU get to spend time with friends that goes beyond trite polite conversation?)

Their shared values of sustainable living, tiny homes, and true community led them to purchase land just outside of town to share together, along the Llano river.

Any group of real friends knows that having some private time is key…

So instead of building one large house to share, they each built 400-square foot tiny homes, and a shared 1500-square foot community building to share meals and social time.

They named their community the Llano Exit Strategy, because it’s allowed them to exit from the isolating rat race of city life and nurture a deep sense of community.

Four hundred square feet may sound small, but it’s just right when well-planned and shared with those you love!

They’ll be there for each other as they grow older, to enjoy life’s ups and downs among their chosen family of friends.

How lovely… I’m definitely doing this with my closest friends someday! What do you think? Would you try this with your friends?

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Marco Meneses
6 years ago

Beautiful. Wonderful.