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Spectacular 20ft Off Grid Shipping Container Home


Brenda converted a 20ft shipping container into an amazing off grid tiny home!  Her passion for shipping container homes began when she was a small girl, and as an adult she turned her dreams into reality!

She decided to keep her home under 10 square meters to avoid her local government from having to vote on whether she could build the home or not.

Fully Functional

She decorated the inside modern and sleek. She used the color white to make the space feel big.

Brenda lofted her living area above her sleeping quarters so she could see the open windows when she entered the building.

Her home contains a working kitchen, sleeping bed, living room, office desk, and bathroom. This tiny home is able to host guests, even, with her fold out sofa bed.

She utilized the high ceilings to place high level cabinets in the kitchen, which makes the cooking area pop!

The bathroom is equally stunning, the roof has natural lighting and her large built-in shower gives her the space to bath in luxury.

Off Grid

Her home is powered by solar, so she is able to function with no on-grid electricity. She has two 130 watt panels on the roof, and rain water collection in the back. She has 2 220 liter tanks that fill up from the water that runs off her gutter.

Brenda has invested around $35,000 into this home that meets all of her day to day living needs. Brenda lives in her home with her cat, and they are both very happy!

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