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Simple Off Grid Water Heater Can Reduce Power Bill


Off Grid Water Heater

Heating and cooling has always been a challenge for those living off grid, water in particular can be a challenge to heat effectively over winter. A balance must be struck between need, comfort, and energy use. Let’s face it, when it’s cold, the last thing anyone wants to get into a cold shower or bath.

This need for balance came to a boil for several Brazilian apartment dwellers, when their utility costs sky-rocketed. Ingenuity and necessity came together to create the alcohol powered water heater. It works by using the fire from lit fuel to heat up water traveling through a series of metal coils. The result is a simple yet effective water heating device that help you cut down on your utility bill, or get off the grid entirely.

While we could not find this exact model online there are many options for camping coils that give you hot water while living off grid. This tankless camping water heater works much the same way, but burns propane instead of alcohol. And this coil based system uses a camp fire.

Tell us about your DIY coil based water heating systems!  Which have you tried? Which is your favorite?

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