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Renovate Your RV with the Kids and Make the Most of Quarantine


RV Renovations During Quarantine

Ahhh…you finally have the camper you’ve always wanted and your Pinterest is loaded with inspiring renovation ideas. You’ve even got a little extra time on your hands during this quarantine. But how the heck are you going to accomplish anything with your kids underfoot?

For years I have dreamt of renovating a camper. Minimizing our lives so that I’d have more time for the things I love, like family adventures, travel, creating art, and slowing down.  As a single mom, there’s little time in my day that is kid-free. But I’ve found that I can incorporate my child into most activities, bonding, and creating opportunities for daily learning.

That’s why I knew that any camper renovation would be a family project! With your kids out of school, you may find yourself wondering how you can incorporate your family into your renovation plans. Take advantage of this time by beautifying your home and building memories in the process.

So How Do You Renovate a Camper with Your Kids?

Step 1: Get Your Kids Excited and Involved in Your RV Renovation Planning!

The first step is getting your kids on board with the process.  For my family, it was something that I had talked about for years, so it was just assumed that it would happen eventually.

I was constantly pinning camper renovation images that inspired me.  When we finally obtained our camper, I made sure to incorporate my son’s ideas into the design.

We started a Pinterest board devoted to our camper renovation. We would sit and pin images that fit with both of our design styles.  I made sure to “think aloud” during the design process and ask him for his input.

Sometimes our ideas would clash, so I would try to find a way to meet in the middle.  For example, my son wanted a galaxy room and I could not figure out how to make it fit with the rest of the renovation.  I had to find creative ways to meet his needs, while also keeping everything cohesive in the smallest of spaces.

We decided on a color pallet for the entire space and then made each room have a similar feel.  That meant all-white walls, with galaxy bedding. But we added some elements from the rest of the space, like Painter’s Cloth fabric, wooden baskets, and some boho style throw pillows.  Here is one of my Pinterest mood boards for my current renovation project.

Bunkhouse RV Project

Step 2:  Set Your Intentions For Your Space

Decide what things are important to your family and incorporate those areas into your home.  My family loves to cook, cuddle, play, and create.

I needed to make sure that we had plenty of kitchen space. Ample room to play or workout. Lounging areas to watch shows and read. Plus space for us to create art or work from the computer.  I made sure to check in with my son and figure out what he needed to make our camper feel like a home.

Step 3:  Demolition Time!

Kids naturally love to destroy things. So make sure to set them up with some tools and get to destroying! They will love to help you rip out cabinets, and walls, and knock out partitions.  My son and I had so much fun destroying cabinets.

When you are tied up with projects that aren’t kid-friendly you can set them up with paint, nails, and hammers to create something new.  My son loved building stores and forts out of the old cabinets.

Young child using hammer to smash cabinet in RV renovation

Step 4:  Tie the Project Around Their Learning Goals

There are so many opportunities for learning.  You can tie everything into a subject that you want to teach them.  You can teach math skills like multiplication and measurement.  You can practice reading, while you are picking out supplies online.  It’s even a great time to learn about the mechanics of an RV, which can relate to science.  While you are painting, you can put on educational podcasts or YouTube videos related to things that they are interested in.

Boy using saw in camper renovation

Step 5: Renovate One Room at a Time

Renovate your RV one room at a time, so that they have somewhere that they can relax and escape the renovation at times. The project mustn’t feel overwhelming.  I found that working in one room, from start to finish, was the best strategy for me.

Step 6: Have Easy Snacks and Meals

Nothing will derail your progress more than having to run out for food or cook big meals.  Think simple, easy meals that you can throw together or grab and go.  My son loves my platter meals and having a picnic on the roof of the camper is one of his favorite things!

Step 6:  Have fun!

These are memories that will be rooted in their minds forever.  Slow down, enjoy the process, and your kids will remember this project for years to come!  Who knows, maybe they will renovate an RV with their kids someday!

Looking for other great ways to keep kids occupied during quarantine? The Homestead Guru’s got you covered. Check out How to Keep Kids Entertained During Coronavirus Pandemic.


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