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Everything You Need To Know About Soil pH


If you are a first-time gardener or an experienced gardener, you will surely need to have at least some knowledge on soil pH. The ultimate growth of plants in your garden area depends on multiple factors and soil pH is one of them. Soil pH measures relative alkalinity or acidity of your soil solution which is measured on a 14 pt. scale. It is important to know that the soil acidity increases after pH level drops below 7 and soil alkalinity increases when pH level increases above 7.

If you want your plants to grow naturally and healthy, then make sure that your soil pH solutions always maintain an optimal level. Doing so will ensure that your plants are getting adequate nutrients from the soil. The soil pH requirement will depend entirely on the type of plant that you want to grow in your garden area. Some may require higher pH level whereas others might require lower pH level. If you develop the understanding of when, why and how to raise or lower soil pH level, then your plants are sure to grow in the best way.

Evaluating Soil

You can only make out whether you need to raise or lower soil pH when you start evaluating the dirt. There are many experienced gardeners who can tell whether the soil is loose or clumpy just after looking at the dirt. The type of soil you are using causes considerable effect on the plant growth. If you are growing fruits like strawberries, then you will need an acidic soil whereas most of the other fruits will require slightly less acidic soil. So once you start evaluating the soil, gardening will never be a problem for you.

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Raising soil pH level

There are several ways for raising soil pH levels. The most common way is by adding a base to the soil. But make sure that you choose the soil depending upon the level of acidity of the soil and how fast you want it to work. Most of the base contains lime or limestone in a powdered form but they are available in various forms, so choose wisely. You can also use wood ashes or baking soda for increasing soil pH level. When trying to raise the soil pH naturally, make sure to water your soil on a daily basis.

Lowering soil pH level

There are some plants that require slightly less acidic soil to thrive. So if you are planning for an organic garden then try to use mostly natural materials to lower down the pH level. But if the acidity level is too high in the soil, then natural materials might not be ideal for you. In that case, you can use either sulfur or aluminum sulfate. However, if the pH soil is not very high then try for natural materials only like manure, compost, pine needles, and many others. You can easily get them from your nearest gardening shop. Natural materials take time to break down and the results might be apparent after long time.

If you don’t have enough knowledge on gardening affairs and related matters than it is better you take help of a professional gardener. You can also use devices that are available in the market for determining the pH level of soil solution. Gardening requires patience and you cannot expect to see visible results the next day you have adjusted the soil pH levels. So make sure to have patience and don’t try to overdo things whether you are doing it using natural products or the artificial ones. If you want to derive the best results, then start monitoring the soil pH level on a daily basis. This will not only help your plants grow well, but will also increase your knowledge at the same time.

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