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Teeny tiny beach bungalow tour!


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Hi Homestead Guru –

Welcome to our tiny home! We’re big believers that sovereignty starts at home. Our apartment is less than 400 sq ft and is the smallest space we’ve ever lived, but it is also our favorite. It’s where we’ve crossed many personal and professional milestones. It’s where we learned to cook and garden. It’s where we planned our wedding. And it’s where we started our blockchain content distribution projects Alexandria and Open Index Protocol so that content creators can control their terms of use, get paid directly and monetize their content anywhere including social feeds.

So, there is a lot of nostalgic attachment to this apartment. But it’s not just sentimental. The space has a great floor plan that has flexed to accommodate our many pursuits and yet remains a delightful and comfortable home. The key to making it work has been keeping our possessions minimal and maximizing storage spaces (also great lighting!). After we shot this video we removed the desks and completed moving into a new office space. While it sounds impossible for such a small place, without the desks the apartment feels palatial!

Every small space tips list starts with ‘go vertical’ and a handful of other key ideas that we definitely recommend. But in hopes of keeping it fresh, here are a few of our small space hacks that (maybe) you haven’t heard before.

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**3 Favorite Small Space Tips:**

• **The almighty S hook**

We buy these in packets from Ikea and use them basically everywhere. If something doesn’t have a loop or hole to hang you can clip a binder clip to it and then hang it on the S hook.

• **Visual noise & eye line flow**

One of the most important things to figure out in a small space is how to give your eyes/brain some peace. How this is accomplished is unique to every space. Using a neutral or consistent color palette, containing clutter in baskets or boxes, and editing the path your eyes travel as you look around can all help to make the space feel more open.

• **Start where you are, use what you have and it will be enough**

Okay so you might not already own everything you need to make your tiny home style dreams come true! If you are anything like us when we were getting started, you might feel VERY far from having what you need to organize and style your space and worried about about all the money & work it will take to change your space. Don’t freak out! Do what you can with what you have. Keep an eye peeled for strategies to better organize something that is bugging you. Connect with the free or gifting communities in your area like Buy Nothing, Freecycle, etc. Scour alleyways. Repurpose something. Hop on Youtube and learn a new skill so you can build or fix something yourself. Our financial investment into making this teeny apartment our home is tinier than the apartment!

It feels a bit strange to show the inside of our closet & under our bed, but we hope it can be an example that you can live well no matter how small your space or budget. Thanks for hosting this tour, Catherine!

— Amy & Devon James

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