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This Camper Turns Into a Boat!


Now you can take your pick between camping on land, or on water! The German-made Sea Lander allows you to take your adventure to the next level.

sea lander sunset

On the road, the Sea Lander is registered as a caravan, or trailer. On water the Sea Lander is registered as a sports boat.

sea lander driving

On land the Sea Lander functions just like a camper on a trailer hitch. Once you pull up to the water, you can be boat-ready in 5 minutes or less! The boat is a part of the trailer, and the wheels stay on the boat while it floats! No separate trailer needed.

sea lander eating

Once in the water the Sea Lander is operated by a long pin off-board motor. The picture windows allow a panoramic view of the beauty that surrounds you.

sea lander chart

The Sea Lander is compact and light and does not require a full sized truck to tow. The back folds into a bed with sleeping accommodations for two.

The sleek and simple design is perfect for anyone wanting to escape to nature on a budget. The Sea Lander combines your camper, boat, and trailer into one!

sea lander inside

You can learn more here.

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