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Wow! This Phone Charger is Powered by a Plant!


A truly “Green” source of electricity has now hit the market!

Did you know electricity can be created from plants by using their leaves as a solar panel? By harnessing the plant’s natural photosynthesis processes, a company called Arkyne Technologies has developed a plant based phone charger.

This system collects electricity during the day and night, and can be used to charge your phone on demand. You simply use your existing USB phone charger cord and plug it into a hidden USB port.

The system can charge a cell phone 2 or 3 times per day.

The system is activated when water interacts with bio micro organisms. The natural processes of the plant are used to collect and store electricity.

You can charge phones, tablets and even your e-book reader!

The goal of Bioo Light is to cover our cities with electricity producing trees. Not only could this bring life and vitality back to our urban areas through more air-filtering plants, but it can provide a way to create electricity without massive amounts of pollution.

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