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Water Turbine Harvests Green Energy in Currents as Slow as Only 2 MPH!



Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc. was founded in 2011 and dedicated to create a full scale prototype proving to harness slow currents that could create efficient energy. Now the company is moving forward after selecting manufacturing contractors to produce, on a mass scale, their revolutionary idea to go green and create reliable, economical and renewable electrical energy with a water turbine. What makes this turbine stand out from the rest is its capability to produce an equivalent of high energy while operating in very low water flow speeds down as slow as 2 mph. Waterotor as they call there water turbine, captures consistent electrical currents, from it’s sealed attached generators, when submerged within ocean currents, rivers and canals. It is a unique drum like ‘rolling torque induction system’ that can operate nearly everywhere and give power to those in need on a global scale and for those of you who are environmentally conscious this waterotor is even safe for the creatures living in the water to pass through.

While other water systems use a propeller or wing-like blades which require much higher flow velocities to achieve enough energy to harness the waterotor is unique and the first to convert energy from pure torque moments which results in high coefficient of power allowing it to produce maximum electricity from slow moving currents. Water has 830 times more energy than wind meaning a turbine in the water can economically harness a large amount of energy.


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Accessible and affordable electricity is a major global issue. 1.3 billion people are completely without electricity, and over 800 million people depend on generators for power which are high in pollution and cost. Over 71% of the planet is covered with slow moving water currents in rivers, canals, and ocean. Waterotor is aspiring to provide electricity where there is none and replace unsustainable fuel based generators with their green sustainable solution.

Be on the look out for their big debut and if you live near a slow moving body of water this could be a perfect free and reusable energy solution for you and your family. They have not disclosed a price for the system yet but with the cost of your monthly electric bill my guess is the waterotor will pay for itself in a short amount of time!

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4 years ago

Unfortunately, the EPA, BLM, Coast Guard, Port Authorities, county building codes and required shore management plans may effectively stall any such installations.