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Fulltiming RV Excursions


What do you as a fulltimer? Are you still working a 9-5 job? I decided a few years ago, I wanted a different lifestyle. Now we live off grid and are building a Sapioponic House. I decided that it was also time, our family document our travels, so that we can inspire others to live the way we do. We encourage you to look into fulltiming, rv living, and living free.

We also offer time to talk to anyone who is interested in evolving away from the state. Generations before us have had this idea, and now it is exponentially growing. I hope you enjoy following our adventures as much as we enjoy creating them. We also have a very big announcement coming up, that we will be revealing live on FaceBook, so make sure you are following us there too.

Living off grid with solar, is very liberating. It allows us to take time to ourselves, to go on the adventures, we wouldn’t have had the time to do, if we remained in the city at a slave job. It is the overheads, rent payments, and other debts that keep people enslaved to a job. If you find a way to minamalize your needs, and wants, you might just be able to create a different future for yourself. A future that allows you to leave at a moments notice, to travel to a undetermined location. Maybe you will stay there for awhile, de-stress, and get back on the road to find another place you have never been before. Fulltiming offers a life you don’t get from sitting being a desk working for a boss.

Try it. Manifest it. It is your reality. We only have a short amount of time here on earth, so why not choose to live free? We will see all you nomads, free range humans, out there on the road. Maybe one day, we will be flying our homes around. Any future we imagine, we can make possible.

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